Eight pork producers’ names will be sent to USDA Tom Vilsack for consideration for five spots on the National Pork Board of Directors.

While the 153 Pork Act Delegates at this year’s National Pork Industry Forum vote for and rank the nominees by priority, Vilsack can nominate whatever five candidates he so chooses for the three-year term. 

At least 12 states must be represented on the 15-member Board of Directors, and no one producer can serve more than two terms. The secretary usually makes the final appointments by July.

The criteria on which the delegates based their selection include: big-picture industry knowledge; NPB and checkoff knowledge of programs and ideas; leadership, experience and active involvement; communication abilities; attitude, passion and commitment to the pork industry.

The eight nominees, in order are: Conley Nelson, Algona, Iowa; Henry Moore, III, Clinton, N.C.; Karen Richter, Montgomery, Minn.; Roy Henry, Longford, Kan.; James Coates, Franklin, Kent.; Glenn Walters, Barnesville, Ga.; Janice Miller, Belden, Neb.; and Randy Curless, Wabash, Ind.

The remaining NPB Board of Directors include: NPB President Gene Nemchek, DVM, N.C.; Everett Forkner, Mo., vice president; Randy Brown, Ohio; Lisa Colby, Mass.; Brad Greenway, S.D.; Wathina Luthi, Okla.; Julie Maschhoff, Ill.; Dale Norton, Mich.; Derrick Sleezer, Iowa; and Steve Wuergler, Ore. Tim Bierman, Iowa, serves as NPB’s past president.

Elected to the nominating committee are James Lamb, Clinton, N.C., and John Rauser, Toston, Mont. They will screen and identify future potential NPB leaders.