National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson will discuss proposed budget cuts to agriculture programs and the 2012 Farm Bill when he addresses Oklahoma Farmers Union (OFU) members at the OFU annual convention in Norman, Okla., on Feb. 19.
“Farmers Union members understand that reducing the deficit and exercising fiscal responsibility are critical,” said Johnson. “While we advocate for sensible spending reductions, the proposed cuts for agriculture go far beyond what is reasonable. Ag-related programs account for about two percent of all federal spending in FY2010 but will suffer 22 percent of all the discretionary funding cuts under this proposal.”
Johnson will also address how the budget proposals might affect the 2012 Farm Bill.
“Many believe we no longer need domestic farm policy because of the high commodity prices in recent years,” said Johnson. “That conclusion is very wrong. Just as commodity prices have gone up, so have input prices, meaning many farmers continue to struggle to make ends meet. This is particularly true for livestock producers. More importantly, we all know that these high prices will not last. Family farmers and ranchers need an agricultural policy that will provide support for the difficult times sure to come when prices collapse and natural disasters occur. NFU will continue to advocate for farmers and ranchers across the country by opposing unwarranted cuts to agriculture programs.”