Feeding distiller's dried grains derived from corn-based ethanol production is going to be a common and necessary development for many livestock and poultry producers. Exactly how, when and what levels to feed DDGS products to various species is a work in progress. Among the challenges is finding the right form for a product that presents many handling, storage and mixing challenges.

Now, USDA's Agriculture Research Service scientists have created DDGS pellets at a commercial feed mill. ARS officials point out that there are currently no commercially available DDGS pellets for livestock. Scientists worked to pelletize the product in order to ease product deterioration issues in non-pelletized DDGS, which can occur during shipping and storage.

This step could advance the commercial trade of DDGS and serve as a significant development in the handling and palatability of the product for use in swine, poultry and cattle feeds.

Source: USDA Agriculture Research Service