People interested in becoming certified educators for the National Pork Board's Swine Welfare Assurance Program are invited to submit an application for any one of three training sessions to be held in Ames, Iowa. The dates are Aug. 7, 19 and 20, and all sessions will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. James McKean, John Carr, Ken Stalder and Tom Baas, all of Iowa State University, will conduct these training sessions. All have been previously been certified as educator training instructors through the SWAP program.

To be eligible to submit an application, you must meet the following qualifications:
1. Be a veterinarian, Extension specialist or agricultural educator (defined as a person who spends full time in adult education or at least half time in production training)
       And you must have:
2. Have a veterinary medical or bachelor of science degree in animal science (or equivalent)
       And you must have:
3. Have two years of recent documentable pork production experience.

McKean says those who qualify and are interested in the program should download, complete and ubmit the application form available at The form also is available by fax or regular mail by calling the Iowa Pork Industry Center at (515) 294-4103.

The form may be submitted as an e-mail attachment, by fax or through regular mail. The registration fee of $50 per person should be paid by check, and be sent to: Iowa Pork Industry Center, c/o Jane Runneals, 109 Kildee Hall, ISU, Ames, IA 50011. E-mail applications should be sent to

"The deadline for applications is Friday, July 18. We encourage people to apply as soon as possible," McKean says. Each session is limited to 30 people.

Applications will be reviewed to determine the applicant's qualification status. He or she will be notified of their status and meeting date assignment after the registration deadline.

The Swine Welfare Assurance Program is designed to objectively benchmark and track welfare on the farm. Modeled after Pork Quality Assurance, SWAP consists of nine animal care and well-being Principles that give pork producers the tools to evaluate welfare, aid in efficient production and potentially maintain or expand market access . For more information on SWAP, contact the National Pork Board at (800) 456-PORK, or go to

Iowa Pork Industry Center