The American Public Health Association is calling for a moratorium on new Concentrated Animal Feed Operations until “more scientific data on risks has been collected" and calls for “research on the environmental effects of such operations, especially in regard to exposure of infants and children.” In response to the resolution, the National Pork Board’s Liz Wagstrom, DVM, submitted comments to APHA this week stating that the resolution in no way takes into account the new environmental regulations provided by the Environmental Protection Agency’s CAFO rule.

According to Wagstrom, this rule tightens already strict regulations on large livestock operations. She added that the APHA resolution is limited in that it does not addresses potential impacts of current animal feeding operations regardless of size. By only impacting future construction, Wagstrom says the APHA resolution would have no positive effects on the current situation. In concluding her remarks, Wagstrom called on APHA to withdraw the resolution as it is not based on any scientific merit.

Source: National Pork Producers Council.