On August 18, Aon, in cooperation with the US Department of Homeland Security and the University of California's Western Institute for Food Safety & Security, is sponsoring the 2005 AgroTerrorism Assembly at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sacramento. 

The assembly is designed to inform community leaders (government and business), food industry leaders, emergency responders (local, state and federal) -- of the risks and vulnerabilities of agroterrorism and other food-related disasters.

"While nothing is 100 percent secure, as a nation we've taken big steps in the right direction."

Rick Shanks, Agribusiness and Food Systems Group senior vice president, says another worry for food system experts is the importing of animal diseases from other countries. Agriculture Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner echoed that sentiment, telling the Senate committee that, "diseases and pathogens do not acknowledge state or national borders.  The threat to agriculture is very real."

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