The Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing announced the industry’s first independent training and audit programs for producers and processors seeking to affirm their compliance with the internal animal welfare standards and standards set by outside organizations, according to FACTA’s chief executive officer and chief scientific officer, John McGlone.

FACTA offers science-based training and auditing services, performed by professionals who are educated and experienced in the species of farm animal they are auditing.

FACTA’s audit reports collect objective data for benchmarking purposes, rather than using a pass/fail system. Benchmark data from any farm can be used by the producer to determine if each set of guidelines is met. All audits will be confidential and will not be released to any outside entity without consent of the audited company.

Current and developing farm animal welfare guidelines are issued by farm animal commodity representatives and food retailers like Food Marketing Institute and National Council of Chain Restaurants.

“Many producers and processors are struggling with the new guidelines, which continue to evolve as the industry associations, FMI and NCCR continue to make refinements,” says McGlone. “FACTA offers these companies- and FMI and NCCR members- objective and science-based reports that they can use in concert with suppliers to determine compliance with animal welfare guidelines.”

Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing