Alpharma Inc, a global animal health pharmaceutical company, has announced they will donate a portion of U.S. livestock product sales recorded by the company in July to assist in flood relief efforts throughout the Mississippi River valley.

The company expects the initiative will help stimulate business opportunities for livestock producers suffering from recent flooding. The flood relief program will apply to Alpharma's line of livestock medicated feed additives.

Rampant flooding as a result of heavy winter snow pack and extensive late-spring rainfall has devastated cropland, grazing land, and livestock production facilities in the highly productive flood regions.

Coupled with losses of facilities, equipment, and homes, many affected livestock producers are facing unprecedented threats to their livelihoods. "We are stunned and saddened by the catastrophic losses suffered by many of our customers in the flooded regions," said Carol Wrenn, president of Alpharma Animal Health.

"Alpharma wants to help livestock producers who have supported us over the years. Our flood-relief initiative represents a tangible way we can lend assistance during this challenging time."