The National Swine Registry reports that its long-time chief executive officer, Darrell Anderson, will retire effective at the end of 2011, following a one-year search and transition process for a new executive. NSR’s Executive Committee is accepting applications for the positions through Feb. 18.

Willard Olson of Manhattan, Kan., who chair the executive committee, says, "This is a very significant time for the National Swine Registry - Darrell has been a tremendous leader in our industry for the past 24 years, and can be credited with the merger and creation of the National Swine Registry itself. His dedication to the purebred swine business is unsurpassed, and even as we look forward to the future, we recognize his presence at this organization will be greatly missed."

Anderson was hired as the American Yorkshire Club’s executive secretary in 1987, and oversaw the merger of the Yorkshire, Duroc and Hampshire breed associations to form the National Swine Registry in 1994. The Landrace registry later joined in 1998.

During his tenure, Anderson played a key role in many significant accomplishments for purebred swine, including:

  • Merchandising approximately $48 million worth of purebred and crossbred swine.
  • Orchestrating the NSR Long-Range Strategic Planning process that created NSR’s junior and commercial services divisions.
  • Guiding the formation of the National Junior Swine Association. At nearly 12,000 members, it is the largest youth livestock organization in the nation.
  • Initiating the first international across-herd genetic evaluation in the purebred swine industry and issuing the first international pedigree to China.
  • Instituting the use of DNA technology in U.S. purebred swine systems.
  • Serving on the National Pork Producers Council, National Pedigreed Livestock Council, National Livestock and Meat Board, U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, and National Swine Improvement Federation and other industry boards.

Anderson and his wife, Merlene, plan to remain in West Lafayette, Ind., where he will dedicate more time to breeding, raising and showing registered llamas, as well as spending time with family. He will remain active as NSR's chief executive officer through Dec. 31.

A job description for the position is available on NSR’s website.  Questions and applications are due Feb. 18, including cover letter, résumé and references, and should be directed to Willard Olson at (785) 539-4955 or

Source: NSR