The American Meat Institute has introduced a new educational video series, “Ask the Meat Science Guy,” which will feature meat expert Randy Huffman, Ph.D., president of the American Meat Institute Foundation.

The nine-part, short video series will provide answers to many of the questions consumers pose about meat and meat safety. The first three videos in the series, “Cooking Steaks and Burgers Safely,” “Cured Meats and Nitrite” and “Processed Meat and Pregnancy” are currently featured on AMI’s Meat News Network. Additional educational videos in the series will be added in the coming weeks.

AMI has also developed a new safe-handling “B-roll” for use by broadcast media.  The video depicts steps that can be taken at the grocery store, during transportation home and during preparation and cooking.  The video is available in BETA format for broadcast media and viewable online at the Meat News Network.

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Source: American Meat Institute