Saying that meat and poultry products are an essential part of a balanced diet, American Meat Institute is urging Baltimore Public Schools to reconsider its decision to hold “Meatless Mondays.”

Baltimore’s school system is the first to adopt the initiative which denies 80,000 students a meat option on Mondays. Three out of four students in the Baltimore Public Schools system are eligible for free or reduced meals. In addition, school meals may be the only significant source of meat and poultry in their diets.

 “Surely you have always offered a vegetarian option on your menu,” says J. Patrick Boyle, AMI president and chief executive officer wrote in a letter to Andrés Alonso, chief executive officer, Baltimore City Schools. “Now you are removing a meat or poultry entrée on Mondays and depriving children and their parents of the ability to determine what is appropriate for their diets and their own personal circumstances.”

Boyle urged Alonso to visit the Project’s series of videos at to better understand the organization behind the initiative. These videos seek to manipulate and mislead children through a cleverly produced, but factually inaccurate cartoon takeoff of the film “The Matrix.”  Ultimately, the group seeks an end to the United States’ efficient and advanced food production system that delivers to Americans the most abundant and affordable food supply in the world. 

“I am confident that you are concerned not just about the education of your students, but also about their health and nutrition status. I urge you to reconsider this decision and allow children every day that they attend school to access the most nutrient dense food available:  meat and poultry products.  Your children, in particular, deserve this choice,” Boyle concluded.

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Source: AMI