American Meat Institute's Board of Directors voted last week that AMI member companies need to share food-safety information with each other. According to an AMI news release, the board feels food safety is a priority and should be treated as a non-competitive issue amongst AMI members.

“Many years ago, meat and poultry companies may have viewed food-safety
information as proprietary,” points out J. Patrick Boyle, AMI president. “But over time that view has changed. In recent years, companies have been informally sharing food-safety information and technology with industry colleagues.”

Most recently, scientists from several AMI member companies have teamed up to develop and share preventive strategies to control Listeria in ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, Boyle notes.

With the board's decision, AMI will now develop a formal process for members to share and assess information. As one example: a company's pathogen testing protocol for products or in plants could yield useful information about how, why and where various microorganisms grow.

“Members of the meat and poultry industries recognize that ensuring optimal food safety is good for everyone's customers – and for everyone's
businesses,” Boyle says.

AMI news release