For the second year, the American Humane Association’s farm-animal welfare program, American Humane Certified will exhibit at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines , Iowa , next week to showcase marketing opportunities for humane-labeled food products.

On exhibit will be information about AHA's certification process. "American Humane Certified is America ’s first animal-welfare program dedicated to the humane treatment of farm animals," say AHA officials. "It is the fastest growing, third-party independent animal-welfare label program in the United States." About  50 million farm animals have been certified by American Humane’s science-based program. American Humane auditors are rigorously trained in the American Humane Certified species-specific standards and are certified by the Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organization.

"American Humane Certified believes that animal welfare should not only be good for animals but also economically viable and feasible for producers," says AHA officials."American Humane Certified works with agriculture industry to educate and motivate producers and demonstrate the economic and social benefits of animal welfare." American Humane Certified is now in discussions with major pork producers to implement proactive changes in the phasing out of gestation crates.

In a proprietary study by Public Opinion Strategies for AHA, there were two significant findings:

  • Of all types of food labels, humane treatment is the most important.
  • Nearly 60 percent of consumers are willing to pay up to 10 percent more for a humanely raised product.

American Humane works closely with its independent Scientific Advisory Committee, industry professionals and producers to ensure that industry advancements and best practices are part of American Humane Certified standards.

The World Pork Expo takes place June 5-7 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. For more information on American Humane Certified, go to

Source: The American Humane Association