Alltech, a global animal nutrition company, will again embark on its annual North American Lecture Tour, beginning on Jan. 7. The tour's theme is "The Feed Cost Puzzle: Performance or Profitability." It will provide a forum to share and learn how the latest technologies and practices can sustain and elevate our businesses.

According to the New York Times, the new energy bill is proposing huge increases in ethanol for the nation's fuel supply. Traditionally made from corn, production of 7 billon gallons of ethanol per year has dramatically reshaped the American agricultural market and sent corn prices rising. Congress is calling to more than double current production to 15 billion gallons per year, a large jump when you consider that 20 percent of the nation's corn crop is already devoted to ethanol.

Such high levels of ethanol production promise to drive corn prices even higher and make it more difficult for producers to feed their animals. Alltech's NALT will address these issues by examining ways to maintain performance and profitability in the midst of increasing raw ingredient costs, as well as presenting a strategy to maintain and grow our business in the midst of the new energy crisis.  

"I'm thrilled to be going back out on the road and taking Alltech's message around North America," says Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. "There are a lot of issues coming to the forefront of American agriculture and I'm looking forward to sharing our ideas with others in the industry."

Other speakers involved in NALT will be:
Karl Dawson, director of worldwide research, Alltech
Kate Jacques, director of nutrition, Alltech
James Pierce, coordinator of monogastric research, Alltech
Steve Elliott, global director of Alltech's Sel-Plex product division 
Juan Gomez, North American product champion for Alltech's NuPro
Paulo José Rigolin, global product champion for Alltech's SSF
Paul Groenewegen, global manager of Alltech's NuPro
Kevin McBride, regional sales manager, Alltech Southeast

Dates and locations for the 2008 NALT are:
Jan. 7: East Syracuse, N.Y.; Burlington, Vt.; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jan. 8: St. Hyacinthe, Quebec; Guelph, Ontario; Abbotsford, B.C.
Jan. 9: Wausau, Wis.; Pendleton, Ore.; Loveland, Colo.
Jan. 10: Twin Falls, Idaho; Fresno, Calif.; Knoxville, Tenn.
Jan. 11: Amarillo, Texas; Clovis, N.M.; Springfield, Mo.
Jan. 14: Columbus, Ohio; Lancaster, Pa.

Jan. 15: Gainesville, Fla.; Thomasville, Ga.

Jan. 16: Auburn, Ala., Lincoln, Neb.;

Jan. 17: Brookings, S.D.; Owatona, Minn.
Jan. 18: Cedar Falls, Iowa; Lafayette, Ind.

Last year's tour, which focused on the growing debate over ethanol between the food, feed and fuel industries, drew more than 2,000 people across the United States and Canada.

Source: Alltech