The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has developed a standard that specifies best-management practices for recycling used, non-refillable, plastic pesticide containers. It paves the way for other industry segments to start their own container recycling programs and for regulatory bodies to evaluate such programs.

The document, "Recycling Plastic Containers from Pesticides and Pesticide-Related Products" was developed in cooperation with CropLife America, a trade association whose members fund container recycling, and the Ag Container Recycling Council.  Other participants such as the Association of American Pesticide Control Officials, American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators, Chemical Producers and Distributors Association and the Environmental Protection Agency participated in developing the standards.

According to Nancy Fitz, a chemical engineer at EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and co-chair of the standards committee, “millions of plastic pesticide containers are used every year but most are not recycled. EPA has launched a rule-making process to address this issue, and the new national standard will provide the regulatory basis.”

For information on the proposed recycling standards, contact Scott Cedarquist at ASABE, (269) 429-0300, or e-mail

Source: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers