In a survey of leading executives from a wide range of U.S. agricultural companies, a majority reported they are optimistic about 2010. Some said that they were "very optimistic" about the near future.

"We didn't expect such a strong majority of positive responses" says Lynn Henderson, publisher of Agri Marketing. "We surveyed quite a range of executives - from multinational corporations to small, privately held firms - and we expected, at best, a neutral outlook for 2010. But most of them foresee improvements around the corner for their business regardless of their outlook on the U.S. economy."  The poll was conducted by Agri Marketing magazine and AdFarm, a full-service communications firm exclusively serving agribusinesses,.

Overall, 12 percent of the respondents were very optimistic about their agribusiness, 45 percent were optimistic, 35 percent were neutral, 7 percent were somewhat negative and 2 percent were very negative.

There was some difference in outlook among companies serving crop producers (of which 65% were optimistic) compared to those serving the livestock marketplace (of which only 40% were optimistic).

Other forecasts from the survey:
•  Continued slight decreases were expected in cow/calf and fed beef herds with majorities expecting steeper decreases in sows and hogs.
•  59 percent of executives from companies serving livestock predicted an increase in their company's revenues, while 70 percent of crops-focused companies expected higher earnings.

Source :Agri-Marketing and AdFarm.