AgInfoLink USA, a food information solutions provider, announced today its selection as the information solutions provider to develop and maintain a registry of cloned animals and operate the supply chain management system. Life sciences companies ViaGen Inc. and Trans Ova Genetics will be the first companies to utilize the registry.

ViaGen and Trans Ova Genetics worked with more than 20 groups in the food industry to develop a program that addresses the marketing needs of their customers. The firms then worked with AgInfoLink to develop the system, which will enable marketers to accurately label food products.

“The registry and supply chain management solution developed by AgInfoLink will benefit consumers, the food chain, and the life sciences industry,” said ViaGen president Mark Walton. “AgInfoLink provides third-party verification through reliable, secure systems that consumers and industry have long trusted.”

Because cloned livestock will be tracked from birth to death, marketers will have the ability to confirm whether an individual animal is registered within the supply chain management system.

“This system is not a health or a safety program, because foods derived from cloned animals and their sexually reproduced offspring are as safe as any other foods,” Walton said. “This safety has been confirmed through a rigorous scientific risk assessment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as two reports by the National Academy of Sciences.”

Mark Armentrout, AgInfoLink’s chief operating officer and co-founder, applauds industry efforts to track cloned animals. “AgInfoLink solutions can connect participants in the supply chain to meet marketing needs and facilitate consumer confidence.”