Number of participating
companies by sector
(First year as of May 10, 2007) has data for the first two sections of its Compensation Benchmark Review, (salary and other compensation information.) Information for the swine and agriculture chemical sectors is now available.

The CBR is an online tool allowing agribusiness organizations compare relevant compensation packages against those of other companies in a reliable and confidential manner.

Featuring real-time information, the CBR system only allows those who supply data to access and review results.

"These first two areas of complete information will make a big impact on the agribusiness industry," says Eric Spell, president of "The 'war on talent' will be a growing challenge for employers across the board. Organizations have entrusted us with their payroll data and in turn, we provide confidential, quality and useful information with the highest possible security level."

While the swine and agriculture chemical sectors are the first to be completed, many others are scheduled for release this summer and fall; commodities and the bio fuels sectors will be next. 
"We plan to utilize the CBR as a tool to monitor the value of our compensation programs and how they compare to those offered by both our competitors and similar businesses," says Wayne Casteen, director of human resources at Murphy-Brown. "The CBR has the potential to be the most comprehensive compensation survey available to the agribusiness industry."

The CBR not only provides the ability to consult data from your own sector, but the agriculture industry as a whole.

"From a human resources perspective, we utilize the CBR to obtain market data for a variety of our jobs," says Melinda Mullenix, human resource services manager at "Senior management has been asking for better data within our industry and the CBR is a cost-effective resource to get the information that matters. Our employees are also benefiting as our organization strives to stay competitive from a total compensation standpoint."

There are still opportunities to get involved in existing or developing areas of the CBR. For more information on how your company can get involved, contact Mary Barefoot at (800) 929.8975 or