The winter months provide an excellent time to evaluate agricultural operations, and a free online directory makes it easy to find an expert to assist with the task.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has made its Guide to Consultants, a directory for locating consulting agricultural and biological engineers, available free of charge on the Web. You can find a quick link to the guide at

As ASABE points out: "an agricultural or biological engineering consultant is an independent contractor retained to work on a project-by-project basis. Because of their broad educational background, they are a source of information on a wide variety of topics and can provide help with diverse technical problems. Most are registered professional engineers, and some specialize in a particular area, such as environmental issues, farmstead technology and equipment, or livestock housing and waste management."

A consulting engineer may work alone or as a member of a consulting firm. Practicing consulting engineers must be licensed professional engineers in their state of residence and must qualify to obtain licensure in other states where they practice or provide services.

Consultants wishing to be included in the next edition of the Guide to Consultants may contact Sandy Rutter,,  or call (269) 429-0300.

Source: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers