The federal government must learn to live within its means. That strong message was conveyed last week to the American Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors by an internal committee created to analyze the national deficit. The AFBF committee, known as the Federal Deficit Task Force, made a set of recommendations for Farm Bureau members to consider as they formulate policy for 2010.

“We must get control of federal borrowing before it consumes us, before other countries decide to stop lending and while we can get control of the problem,” says Craig Lang, chairman of the task force and president of Iowa Farm Bureau.

The primary objective of the task force was to recommend ways to achieve a balanced federal budget by 2019. The task force looked at all parts of the budget, including healthcare and Social Security, from the congressional budget process to government revenues.

The task force consisted of eight Farm Bureau members, four older representatives and four from the Young Farmer and Rancher program. The committee has been meeting since last December.

View the recommendations.