The World Animal-Health Information Database is now available from the World Animal-Health Organization. The database is a tracking system for animal diseases on a global scale.

It is actually a complement system to OIE's World Animal Health Information System launched in April 2006. The new database, commonly referred to as WAHID, provides all available data on animal diseases per country, region, month and year. The compilation includes animal population by country, epidemiological events maps, global animal diseases distribution maps and comparative disease status between countries, and much more.

"WAHID is designed to provide high quality animal-disease information to all stakeholders including veterinary services, international organizations, trading partners, academics, the media and the larger public," says Karim Ben Jebara, DVM, head of the OIE Animal Health Information Department. "All can access and monitor the evolution of animal diseases in one or several countries or regions of the world."

Source: The, World Animal-Health Organization