The American Association of Swine Veterinarian Pig Welfare Committee has prepared a list of recommendations that could be used by member veterinarians working with their clients to prepare anti-abuse statements for use on their client's farms. The committee presented these recommendations to the AASV Board of Directors which adopted the following policy statement: The AASV Board encourages veterinarians to continue to assist their clients in developing policies for appropriate animal well-being and correction of potential abuse, cruelty, and neglect.

In addition to issuing the policy statement, the board suggested that sample policy statements could be posted on the AASV web site for use by the association's members when crafting similar documents for their clients' use. To this end, AASV is requesting that members submit copies of anti-abuse statements currently in use that could be added to the web site as examples for other members to utilize. All submissions will be treated confidentially and any identifiers will be removed prior to publication on the AASV Web site. If you have examples you are willing to share, please forward them to