Phil Gauger, DVM, Ames, Iowa, is the 2009 recipient of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians Foundation Hogg Scholarship. Gauger is a clinician in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine at Iowa State University. The $10,000 scholarship is awarded each year to an AASV member who has opted to further his or her education after several years as a swine practitioner.

Previously, Gauger was veterinary medical officer at the USDA's National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa. He has authored several articles on swine influenza, porcine circovirus, and other respiratory diseases of swine.

In addition, AASV recognized five members for contributions to the association and to the swine industry.

John Waddell, DVM, was named the Swine Practitioner of the Year. The award, given annually since 1977, recognizes swine practitioners who demonstrate exceptional service to their veterinary clients. It is the association's highest honor. Waddell is a food animal practitioner in Sutton, Neb., where he has practiced since 1981.

Michael Pierdon, DVM, was awarded the ‘Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year’ Award. Established in 2008, the award is given annually to an AASV member who has been in practice less than five years and who has demonstrated the ideals of exemplary service and proficiency early in his or her career.

Al Scheidt, DVM, was awarded the Technical Services/Allied Industry Veterinarian of the Year. The award recognizes swine industry veterinarians who have demonstrated proficient and effective veterinary service to their companies and their clients.

Rodney Johnson, DVM, received the Meritorious Service Award. The award recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding service to the association.

Kent Schwartz, DVM, was presented with the Howard Dunne Memorial Award. The award recognizes AASV members who have made important contributions and provided outstanding service to the association and the swine industry.

Source: AASV