Kansas State University agricultural economists Dan O´Brien and Mike Woolverton believe that with the land, technical and human resources available to U.S. producers, the United States can hold its own when it comes to helping provide food and feed on the world market.
As part of a presentation at the Kansas State Risk and Profit Conference, the economists provided data from the Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book that showed the amount of farmland available per person around the world.
For example, there are 6,671,226,000 people in the world with farmland per capita at 0.73 acres. In comparison, China has 1,325,264,000 people (19.87 percent of global population) and 0.26 acre per capita; India has 1,136,264,100 (17.03 percent of population) and 0.36 acre per capita.
The United States has 304,746,000 people (4.57 percent) and 1.45 acres per capita. Other countries have smaller populations than the United States, but also less farmland per capita. The exception is Russia, which has 141,888,900 people (2.13 percent of global population) and 2.10 acres
per capita.
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Source: Kansas State University Research and Extension