Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) has formed a new marketing partnership with Puck Custom Enterprises (PCE) of Manning, Iowa- a provider of liquid manure handling equipment and custom manure application.  Environmental Tillage Systems manufactures zone tillage and zone fertilizer incorporation equipment.

Through the partnership, the companies will provide pork producers with a system for field delivery and soil incorporation of swine manure.  Puck Custom Enterprises will be selling ETS’s Honey Warrior zone tillage system, along with their state-of-the-art manure handling systems.  PCE also will make the ETS Honey Warrior system available to their custom application customers.

The combination of PCE equipment and the ETS Honey Warrior system provides the industry with effective delivery of natural fertilizers from farm to field, as well as an effective method for nutrient incorporation in the root zone on the Corn Belt’s most productive fields and farming operations.

ETS’s Soil Warrior and Honey Warrior systems use patented cog systems to blend crop nutrients throughout root zone of the soil, all within a low-impact, precision tillage system. ETS’s Honey Warrior is specially designed to blend manure nutrients within the soil profile for natural corn fertility.

Puck Custom Enterprises is known within the pork industry as a certified custom applicator and supplier of manure agitation, handling, delivery and field incorporation systems.  Puck’s system includes point-of-origin to point-of-field systems for liquid manure.

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