When you’re unsure of a company name you’ve heard, do you still go to the phone book for clarity? For most of America, the answer is no longer the yellow pages; we go online to search for a company’s presence.

“If we don’t find a presence for a company, brand or product online, we are likely to quickly move on,” said Amy Busch, digital marketing manager for the Pork Checkoff.

Here are a few reasons why pork is online:

  • Pork is being Googled. Whether people are looking for recipes, pork brands, production issues or training and certification requirements, pork is being typed into a search engine. In fact, 48 percent of consumers begin any online research on a search engine, Busch said.
  • Pork is building trust. People like to feel known, important and heard. “The same applies when consumers are able to follow us or be our friend online,” Busch said. “When we find opportunities to personally engage with our fans, they appreciate the effort and are more likely to become or remain pork-loyal and spread the word.”
  • Pork’s reach is expanding. On the Internet, information travels quickly. One example is the Checkoff’s bacon rose how-to photo, which was posted on Facebook Feb. 10. “We allow people near and far to engage with our brand by simply giving them online access,” Busch said. “By having a branded website and social network communities, pork producers gain an opportunity to educate America about pork.”
  • Pork consumers can be found online. Looking at two million social conversations about meat between October of 2012 and September of 2013, nearly a quarter of the conversations centered on pork. From that slice, 58 percent of the conversations were among consumers in the Pork Checkoff’s target. These consumers are most often discussing recipes and cooking tips on Facebook, Busch said. “Knowing that this platform is where consumers are most engaged, the Checkoff develops specific content to reach these pork consumers.”
  • Pork is taking action online based on how consumers use the Internet. It’s projected that this year, mobile Internet usage will overtake that of desktop computers. “We need to be where the action is,” Busch said. “We’re making sure people can find us on their mobile phones or tablets, too.” Earlier this year, an updated mobile website for PorkBeinspired.com was released so people could more easily find current promotions and pork recipes on the go.

 Building Influence That Matters
To make it even easier for people to find the information they’re seeking, the Pork Checkoff will launch the responsively designed PorkBeinspired.com website this fall. Responsive design means that the best version of the site’s content is displayed no matter what device is used to view it, including mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers.

One benefit of responsively designed websites is that they are “rewarded” by Google search results, Busch said. “The site scores higher in search engine optimization rankings, allowing more people to find us when searching for recipes, pork production information, pork brands and more.”

Enhancing pork’s online presence is important, Busch added. “By implementing online marketing efforts designed to align with the Checkoff’s goals, we’re building influence that matters, and ultimately growing our consumer reach.”