One West Virginia high school is nearing completion of their on-site processing facility, and students at the Doddridge County High School couldn’t be more excited.

WBOY 12 News reports that students in the high school’s Ham and Bacon program will soon be able to learn how to process meat for market - beginning with raising their own hogs. Shannon Boswell, a Doddridge Country High School teacher, goes on to say that students in the program learn about the entire pork production process.

"Properly feed and care for animals so they purchase an animal and they feed it up to market weight,” Boswell told WBOY.

Jacob Ross, one of the students involved in the program, bought his animals a few months ago. He is responsible for feeding and caring for his two pigs until it’s time for the next step. His hogs, and those raised by his classmates, will be inspected and butchered off-site. The processing, however, will take place at the school.

"I just like getting in here and working up your meat and seeing it come along from what you had to the finished product," Ross said.

Once students process their pork they will have the option of selling or keeping the meat.

Students are expected to move into the new facility within the next few weeks.