With ever-declining government funding and university cutbacks, serious concern exists in the livestock industry on the future of applicable research and outreach. To address the concern, the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) will present ‘Innovate 2012’ to explore how animal scientists will obtain funding and support to address these challenges and continue to feed the world.

As part of the event, ASAS will broadcast a live webinar “Funding Livestock Research and Outreach in the Future” Oct. 3-5. Webinar participants can view a live stream of the ‘Innovate 2012’ speaker slides and audio from the conference. Webinar attendees can also ask questions live during the session Q&As.

Registration for the webinar is $150 for ASAS members and $250 non-members. Additional information and registration for the webinar is available online.  Once you register, you will receive an e-mail with login information. Those who register for the webinar will also have access to 'Innovate 2012' recordings after the conference.

According to ASAS, suggested uses of the webinar include:

- Utilization of the webinar as part of an animal science or agriculture economics course

- View the webinar as a discussion group

- Apply aspects of the webinar as references in your research and publications

- Benefit from the ability to connect with these amazing speakers and learn more about their work.

To make the most of this webinar, you may also want to read the ASAS Grand Challenges. The Grand Challenges focus on animal health, climate change, food safety, global food security and animal well-being.