The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE) has launched the new National Swine Reproduction Guide, a web-based application designed to help troubleshoot swine reproductive problems.
This innovative, user-friendly management guide contains extensive information and support for pork producers, including more than 1,000 fact sheets and references.

"This guide is designed to help producers identify the source of reproductive problems in their herds and, through research-based fields, provide information directly related to problems," said Chris Hostetler, animal science director for the Pork Checkoff.

The National Swine Reproduction Guide is available as a web application and is easily accessed through personal computers, smart phones and tablets. Its portability makes the guide readily convenient for use anywhere.

The guide uses a reproductive decision tree specifically designed in an easy-to-use format with simple navigation. The decision tree begins with three categories: gilts, sows and boars (semen). After selecting a category, producers can choose from a list of potential issues, such as "low farrowing rate" or "too small of a gilt pool." The decision tree then narrows the search on the issue through a series of available questions. After choosing the question that best fits the original problem, an answer is provided in the form of a fact sheet with viewable references.

The National Swine Reproduction Guide can be purchased at the USPCE's Pork Store. The price is $75 annually for producers in the U.S. and Canada, $500 annually for foreign licenses and free for educators for classroom use.