Now that springtime has finally arrived, farmers have plenty on their to-do list, including equipment maintenance, spring planting, purchasing of supplies, and fence mending. Making fence mending a breeze is Warn Industries’ PullzAll – the only electric hand-held and portable tool that can lift or pull up to 1,000 lbs. at the push of a button.

PullzAll gives farmers a fully portable winch that can easily stretch fencing where needed. It features a trigger-operated speed control, allowing for precise movements when needed. Unlike old-fashioned come-a-longs, PullzAll has 15 feet of wire rope and can change directions at the push of a button. Weighing only 18 lbs., it is very portable. Pullzall is available in either a corded 110V AC version, or a cordless 24V DC version for use in areas without plug-in power.

For jobs that require heavier pulling duties, a vehicle-mounted winch, like the new WARNZEON, can help in moving machinery or containers of crops, seeds or fertilizer, not to mention recovering a stuck truck or farm equipment. ZEON is available in capacities from 8,000 lbs.–12,000 lbs., comes with either steel rope (ZEON 8, ZEON 10, ZEON 12) or WARN Spydura® synthetic rope (ZEON 8-S and ZEON 10-S), and includes a remote control to operate the unit.

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