U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has stepped up not just to meet the challenge presented by the animated film “A Pig's Tale,” but to provide a real-world look at activities on a modern hog farm.

USFRA released a nearly four-minute video-- “An accurate portrayal of today’s pig care”—on Wednesday. It features Malcolm DeKryger, vice president of swine production and management at Belstra Milling, in Northern Indiana.

At least in part, the USFRA effort was in response to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) animated video “A Pigs Tale.” It targets children and focuses on sow housing and tail docking, a USFRA release points out. Both videos were released on Food Day.

“The truth is that farmers and ranchers of all sizes are committed to the humane treatment of their animals,” USFRA said.  It points to the HSUS video as using “emotion and children's entertainment unfairly to manipulate the American public.”

USFRA underscored the fact that, “Well cared for animals, in cooperation with veterinarians, are paramount to a safe and healthy food supply. Farmers and ranchers use a variety of animal husbandry practices, housing strategies and healthcare to decrease disease risk and promote animal health.”

The group says farmers and ranchers, “recognize consumers' concerns regarding animal care and understand there is no one perfect system.” USFRA further points out that every day, farms across the nation implement innovative ideas and look for solutions for both themselves and the animals they raise. “The bottom line is that today's farm animals live healthier lives than ever before,” USFRA says.