Last week, Nebraska agricultural leaders hosted a team of chefs and other food service professionals from the Goodman Group, one of Europe’s leading operators of high-end restaurants. With its traditional, elegant steakhouses and a rapidly growing number of Burger & Lobster locations, Goodman now has 10 restaurants in the London metropolitan area that specialize in serving grain-fed U.S. beef.

Goodman also plans to open a Burger & Lobster restaurant in New York City later this year.

As U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Chairman Mark Jagels explains, this is the fifth consecutive year that the Goodman Group has sent a team to Nebraska for a firsthand look at U.S. beef production. Jagels’ farm near Davenport, Nebraska, where he raises corn and soybeans and manages a cattle feeding operation, has become a regular stop on the Goodman team’s itinerary. The group also visited other cow-calf and cattle feeding operations in Nebraska, along with a processing plant and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science Department.