U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors have found more ground turkey contaminated with salmonella at a Cargill Inc. plant in Springdale, Ark., prompting the company to issue a second recall from the same production facility because of the exact same strain of deadly bacteria.

The recall announced Sunday in a USDA notice is for 185,000 pounds of ground turkey. On Aug. 3 the Minneapolis-based company recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey after it was linked to salmonella Heidelberg that caused more than a hundred illnesses and one death.

There have been no illnesses connected to this latest recall, the USDA said.

The ground turkey being recalled was distributed to retail locations "nationwide," according to the USDA.

"The strain of Salmonella Heidelberg in question is identical to that of an outbreak of Salmonellosis that resulted in an August 3, 2011 recall of ground turkey products," according to USDA.

USDA inspectors detected the salmonella Heidelberg back on Aug. 24 at the Arkansas plant and that led to the latest recall announcement, the USDA said in the statement.

USDA and Cargill officials were unavailable for immediate comment.

Salmonella Heidelberg, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "is resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics; this antibiotic resistance can increase the risk of hospitalization or possible treatment failure in infected individuals."

Salmonella usually makes people sick for four to seven days without the need for hospitalization, but the bacteria can spread from a person's intestines to the blood stream and other parts of the body, the CDC said. In those cases, the victim can die unless antibiotics are administered.