On Thursday, another food company added its name to the growing list of those committing to eliminate gestation-sow stalls from its pork supply. TrustHouse Services Group, based in Charlotte, N.C., made the announcement jointly with the Humane Society of the United States.

According to the announcement, TrustHouse wants its pork suppliers to phase-out gestation crates within the company’s supply chain by 2017. The company says it will work with its suppliers to accomplish the goal. TrustHouse also called on the U.S. pork industry to set a timeline to eliminate gestation crates.

“American consumers clearly oppose the idea of confining a mother pig in a cage so small she can barely move her entire life,” said Mark Fortino, president of FitzVogt, a TrustHouse division. “Eliminating gestation crates within our supply chain is the right thing to do for the animals, family farmers, our company and our clients.”

TrustHouse is the parent company for a group of regional foodservice businesses that primarily serve the Healthcare, Educational and Corrections sectors. According to the company’s website, TrustHouse’s companies provide services at over 400 client locations in Florida, the north-east, mid- Atlantic, and mid-Western States, serving up more than 150,000 meals daily. With combined revenues of over $200 million annually, TrustHouse is listed among the top 10 contract food service companies in the United States. “Food is our focus, client and customer satisfaction our goal and local, responsive management the key to our success,” the company states.

TrustHouse companies include:

  • Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC - Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Fitz, Vogt & Associates, Ltd - Manchester, N.H.
  • AmeriServe Food Management Services - Columbia, Mo.
  • A'viands Food & Services Management - Roseville, Minn.
  • Summit Food Services LLC - Albuquerque, N.M.