“Everything is gone.”

That’s what Aaron Biermann said to his wife after a tornado hit Biermann’s hog farm near Wisner, Neb., on Monday.

The Norfolk (Neb.) Daily News reports Biermann rode out the storm with two of his children in their basement bathroom.

After the storm passed, Biermann surveyed the damage. The tornado, part of a dangerous weather system that stretched across the region, spared nothing on the farm but a few trees, stripped bare by the high winds.

The house, a farrowing barn, a nursery, and other sheds had been wiped out.

Almost immediately, neighbors helped to round up sows and pigs of all sizes. Biermann points many of the sows wanted to remain in the barn despite the missing walls and roof.

An unknown number of Biermann‘s pigs were killed in the storm. Emergency crews were still assessing damage on Tuesday morning, and heavy rains have made traveling on country roads difficult in anything but pickups. Communication has been difficult as cell phone towers and power lines remain down.  Click here for more from the Norfolk Daily News.

The Wisner tornado was part of the system that spawned a rare “double tornado” on Monday, which leveled Pilger, Neb. Reports of damage and destruction to other farms in the area are now trickling in.

KMTV News reports at least 300 head of cattle were killed at a farm just north of Pilger, Neb.  According to Radio Iowa, an unidentified woman reported part of the roof missing from a hog building on her farm near Williams, Iowa.  

Human fatalities were also reported in the tornado outbreak. Two people have been killed in weather-related incidents, including a five-year-old.  At least 16 others have been critically injured. Read more from CNN.