Phibro Animal Health Corporation announces that Terramycin  200 (oxytetracycline) antibiotic is now available as a granular formulation that provides significant advantages for feed mills and producers alike.

Terramycin  200 Granular offers the highest potency granular tetracycline available on the market.  The product delivers broad-spectrum treatment of diseases such as bacterial pneumonia and bacterial enteritis, as well as effective treatment and control of leptospirosis.

“The conversion to a granular formula was made in response to customer requests, as granular formulations offer improved flowability, uniform dispersion and reduced dust,” according to Mark Stapleton, Global Marketing Director for Phibro Animal Health.

With Terramycin  200 Granular thereare fewer bags to handle, as each 50-pound bag treats twice as many pigs as the leading competitor’s granulated tetracycline. The formulation’s concentration also reduces freight costs and storage requirements and allows space for greater dietary formulation options.