The Iowa Pork Producers Association announced their new president this week. Bill Tentinger of Le Mars in Plymouth County was installed as the 2012 president at the conclusion of the IPPA Annual Meeting in Des Moines.

Tentinger believes the industry's most pressing challenge as he begins his presidency is maintaining the right to operate.

"It is becoming increasingly more important for the pork industry to be open and vocal about what we do," he said. "We need to not only tell the story about feeding the world and producing a safe product, but also that we can be good to the environment while we provide jobs for our communities."

One of Tentinger's biggest concerns as a producer is increased government regulation. He hopes that 2012 will mean continued profitability for the industry and he'd like to see progress made toward managing or eradicating Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) from the herd.

Tentinger is a long-time IPPA member and has served on the board for the past seven years, chairing and serving on numerous committees as well. He says the thought of now being the president of the state association is both exciting and sobering.

"First of all, it is exciting to know that I am following in the footsteps of some of the most dedicated leaders in the pork industry in Iowa," Tentinger said. "Secondly, it's exciting to be able to be a spokesman for and lead a very important segment of the rural economy of Iowa. It is sobering to realize that I am at the realm of an organization that is so well organized and staffed with great professionals."

His goals for the coming year are to "continue to have a board of directors that can work together, discuss issues brought before it and find common ground to better serve the pork industry in Iowa."

Tentinger has farmed and raised hogs in northwest Iowa for 43 years. He has 350 sows that produce 7,200 pigs each year. He also purchases an additional 3,000 iso pigs that he finishes to increase his total number marketed annually to 10,000.

He also grows corn and soybeans and is a member of the state corn and soybean associations, as well as Farm Bureau.

Tentinger succeeds Leon Sheets, a pork producer from Ionia in Chickasaw County, as IPPA president.