TechMix conducted a two-day sales training conference in Barcelona, Spain, with distribution partners representing 15 different countries including: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Mexico, Albania, Slovakia and New Zealand. Among the attendees were representatives from these countries along with technical, product and sales training offered by representatives of Iowa State University and the TechMix U.S. offices.

The theme of the conference surrounded changing animal physiology during specific stress events. These events can include transport, feed changes, extremes in temperatures, weaning and others, where the animal’s body reacts in a way that negatively affects health status or performance. The group learned more about specific benefits of the company’s products and their effectiveness in promoting health, performance and recovery during these stress events.

TechMix products available in the EU for pigs include Swine BlueLite, N-Take, Baby Pig Restart and Tech Dry. For dairy, products are: Bovine BlueLite, Bovine BlueLite Pellets, Fresh Cow YMCP, Rumen Yeast Caps, Rumen Yeast Mix, TriMic, TriStart and Calf RD. Producers should check the TechMix website for listings of products approved for their specific countries.