TOPIGS Canada has announced the appointment of Mike Shaw to the role of Director of Technical Services. Mike will be responsible for the implementation of TOPIGS’ genetic program and technical support for TOPIGS customers in Canada and the United States.

Mike has broad experience in genetics, production and technical support having been with TOPIGS for 5 years as Operations Manager. Before joining TOPIGS, Mike was employed by Maple Leaf Foods where he held various positions with both GAP Genetics and Maple Leaf Agri-Farms overseeing their genetic programs and nucleus and multiplication structures.

Mike will be the conduit between TOPIGS genetic development and technical support teams in Europe and the TOPIGS North American business, transferring knowledge and experience to the team and customers.

“I am excited about the opportunity that exists in this industry, and in particular at TOPIGS,” Mike said. “I remain extremely focused on supporting both our genetic program and our customers as we continue to grow and expand. I am proud and excited to continue to be a part of the TOPIGS team.”

Source: TOPIGS Canada