Swimming with the fishes is seen as a bad thing, but swimming with the pigs is all the rage in the Bahamas.

Off the island of Big Major Cay tourists can swim with wild pigs that inhabit the area known as Pig Beach.

For those who don’t want to tread around in the water with the swimming swine, they can instead opt to feed them from boats. The pigs have now become so accustomed to visitors that they now greet them and wait to be fed boat side.

There are many tales as to how the pigs ended up soaking up rays on the beaches of the Bahamas. Most say the pigs showed up after a shipwreck, it has also been said they were left behind by sailors who would later catch the hogs for food.

The pigs now have a herd of around 20 animals. Until they learn to fly, it looks like these porkers will continue to live the good life in the Bahamas.