New unique source of vitamins A, D & E offer proven benefits in breeding and weaning performance

Stuart Products, Inc. is introducing two new injectable fat-soluble vitamin products for swine to improve gilt and sow productivity and newborn pig vitamin status. VITAL E-Newborn and VITAL E-Repro are shown to improve swine fat-soluble vitamin status by providing unique bio-available vitamin formulas for newborn and newly weaned pigs, and for gilts and sows. 

For gilts and sows, proper vitamin A-palmitate status at breeding has been shown to enhance egg and subsequently embryo quantity and quality. A pre-farrowing injection enhances vitamin status in newborns by increasing levels of vitamins A, D and E in colostrum and milk. These benefits are made possible due to the exclusive formulations of these vitamins.

Independent research and field-testing show Stuart Products injectable VITAL E-Repro use leads to enhanced vitamin A, D and E status of the gilts and sows, to support optimum reproduction. University research and field demonstrations have shown that VITAL E-Newborn dramatically enhances fat-soluble vitamin status in young pigs that are always vitamin deficient at birth.

“Sows and newborn pigs with decreased vitamin status are at greater risk for poor performance and, as a consequence, reduced productivity,” says Robert Stuart, Ph.D., founder and president of Stuart Products. Dr. Stuart says, “For young pigs, our fat-soluble form of vitamin E is different from all other forms on the market because it’s the same as that found in green grass and in sow’s milk, which allows pigs to immediately utilize the vitamin.”

VITAL E-Repro is recommended for use in gilts and sows. The product contains vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol), vitamin A-palmitate, not vitamin A propionate as found in other products, and vitamin D in a bio-available formulation. VITAL E-Repro is recommended for use prior to farrowing and again at weaning. The pre-farrowing injection enhances vitamin status of the dam and also enhances vitamin status of the newborn pig. Injecting the sow at weaning prepares the sow for re-breeding. 

VITAL E-Newborn also is recommended for use in newborn pigs at processing. It contains higher levels of vitamin E and vitamin D compared to VITAL E-Repro. Injection of these critically important vitamins is more efficiently utilized compared to orally dosing with less variability among pigs. One 0.5 mL injection at processing supplies sufficient levels of the vitamins through weaning, especially vitamin D.

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