You can still sign up to participate in Pork Network’s free webinar-- “PRRS: Strategies to keep it at bay.” The hour-long session will take place on Wed., Dec. 21, at 10:30 a.m (Central Time).

Dr. Scott Dee, DVM, world-renown expert on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus transmission, biosecurity and aerobiology will present updates on research as well as on-farm solutions. As research director for the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic in Pipestone, Minn., Dr. Dee and helps clients address PRRS and other herd-health issues.  

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome is an elusive virus that has been challenging the pork industry’s best minds for the past 20 years. The key is that new tools and information are being developed and used in different ways. More and more risk factors are being identified, which leads to more focused prevention, treatment and control efforts. Nearly two dozen pilot projects in multiple states involving producers and veterinarians are working within the Area Regional Control and Elimination efforts and are providing insights for the industry as a whole.

Sponsored by Boeringer Ingelheim, among the information that Dr. Dee will present during the webinar are insights into:

  • · How PRRS virus is transmitted.
  • · A review of scientifically validated biosecurity protocols.
  • · Air filtration as a way to reduce risk of airborne transmission of the virus.
  • · New risk factors for virus spread between farms.

Registration is easy and available here.