LEXINGTON, Ky. ― A Canadian pig farmer has earned a health claim for having Omega-3 fatty acids in his pork.

 Paul Hill, owner of Willowgrove Hill in Ontario, Canada, says it is the first and only time the Canadian government has granted such a claim. In fact, according to the label, it is the “first and only pork in North America with DHA Omega-3.”

The claim was granted by the Canadian Feed Inspection Agency.

It helps differentiate Hill’s pork, but health will only take you so far, he says.

“Healthy foods have to do more than be healthy,” he told those attending the Alltech International Symposium in Lexington, Ky., on Tuesday. “They also have to taste good.”

Hill says his pork tastes good because of extra marbling. And, it’s the marbling where the Omega-3 fatty acids accumulate in the end product eaten by consumers.

Fish oil is added to the pigs’ diet to produce this result.

It’s been Hill’s passion over the years to make pork healthier.

On Sept. 12, 2001, he lost his two-year-old son to liver cancer and then, two years later, his daughter developed similar symptons ― although, luckily, it didn’t turn out to be the same thing. It was that second time in the hospital that Hill got to thinking about children and healthy foods and how to make their foods healthier.