Smithfield Foods announced reduced sodium levels in its marinated pork. reports that Smithfield has lowered sodium by an average of 25.5 percent as part of a company-wide initiative to decrease sodium content across all product categories by 2014.

Jeff Poehls, senior director of Smithfield's case ready division, said in a news release that the new, lower-sodium offerings will continue to meet Smithfield's quality standard without compromising taste or flavor.

Smithfield also reported that consumers who participated in blind taste tests found no significant difference in quality or taste between the original, higher-sodium pork and the new, lower-sodium variety.

All marinated flavors will be available in lower-sodium options, including Garlic and Herb, Golden Rotisserie, Mesquite, Portobello and Teriyaki.

Eric Esh, senior director of marketing for Smithfield, said that the company has maintained its position as an industry leader in new product and flavor development.

“We value our loyal customers’ feedback and continue to deliver to them new, healthier selections in our line of products," Esch said.