Smithfield kicked off a new advertising campaign this month with the launch of its “Flavor Hails from Smithfield” promotion.

Four television ads will begin airing in October and will feature many of Smithfield's products. 

The first of the ads started running last week and highlights a typical busy family sitting down for dinner with Smithfield’s marinated pork loin.

“We’ll take a stand against bland. You set the table. And we’ll set the standard for delicious with our perfectly seasoned and expertly marinated pork. Perfect for any night, like tonight,” the announcer explains.

Click here to see the commercial. 

“The launch spot showcases how cooking a well-crafted product can bring family and friends together for a beautiful moment at the dinner table,” said David DeMuth, co-CEO and President of Doner, the agency behind the advertsiements. “The new campaign brings a fresh perspective that blends the passion Smithfield has for its products and the pride it has inits heritage demonstrated through its tagline, ‘Flavor Hails from Smithfield’.’”

More commercials will air in November and February.