Environmental sustainability is one of the more important challenges facing all of us today, according to Dennis Treacy, chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods. Treacy made the comments on sustainability and feeding the world’s growing population in a message posted on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22.

“Those of us involved in agriculture face perhaps the greatest challenge of our time—feeding a global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050,” Treacy said. “We need to more than double our production of food, but not increase the land or other resources we are using in the process.” The effort will require innovation, communication, and creativity, he said.

“Here at Smithfield, we believe the future is bright, but we understand that we have a responsibility to feed the world in a sustainable way.”

Read Treacy’s complete statement.  

In addition, Smithfield has released a YouTube video which addresses the challenge posed by the increasing world population and producing safe food responsibly. View the video here.

Source: Smithfield Foods