Michele Payn-Knoper, a leading U.S. farm and food advocate, is passionate about social media and helping farmers learn how to use it to connect with consumers. Now, she’s written a book, called “No More Food Fights!”

Payn-Knoper says the book is an effort to help break stereotypes. It describes modern-day farmers who use technology and modern practices to preserve the environment and dairy producers who put cow comfort as a high priority. Flip the book over and you get another perspective. This alternative view reminds farmers that they represent a very small percentage of the overall population. As such, it’s important for them to tell their stories though social media and other means to educate consumers and correct erroneous information.

Readers will find personal stories from farmers, food scientists, dieticians and ranchers. According to Payn-Knoper, the purpose is to “‘reach across the plate’ to explore food concerns and the critical connection from farm gate to food plate.”

The first print edition will be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, through Payn-Knoper’s website Cause Matters, as well as on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores. Digital version will be available for iPad, Kindle and Nook in March.