You may remember our blogpost about a belligerant, beer-drinking boar  in Australia a few weeks ago. The feral pig allegedly raided a campsite, drank 18 beers, was chased by a cow and then took a swim in the river before passing out. PorkNetwork is sad to report the porker has been killed in a pig-car accident.

Nicknamed “Swino” by enthusiasts after he became an Internet sensation last month, the boar hung out near a campground in remote western Australia, likely waiting for campers to bring him alcohol and invite him to their parties. But a few days ago, the government highway division in Australia’s Pilbara region confirmed that a feral pig was struck by a vehicle on the motorway. The pig was identified as Swino by the distinct markings on his ears and spotted color. While details are unknown, the beer-bellied boar had evidently ambled out onto the highway and become bacon.

Since a breathalyzer test was not performed, it’s unknown if Swino had been drinking prior to the accident, but we are once more reminded how important it is to stay off the road when drinking, whether in a vehicle or not. Rest in peace, Swino.