MAHWAH, N.J., Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- InterCore Energy, Inc., (OTCBB: ICOR), a company focused on operations and investments in the areas of clean energy and clean tech, announced that Ludlow Research has issued a research opinion of the company based on pending the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) approval of sorghum for ethanol production,

Ludlow Research issued their opinion based on the EPA pending approval of 'grain sorghum' as an alternative feedstock to corn for the production of biofuel based ethanol. This pending approval would then open the door for approval of 'sweet sorghum' also being utilized in the ethanol production process, a development being pursued by EPEC Biofuels Holdings, Inc., an investment of InterCore Energy. Ludlow sees EPEC and InterCore as benefitting with respect to EPEC's plan for the development and production of Ethanol 2.0™.

InterCore Energy's investment in EPEC Biofuel Holdings, Inc. may position the company to benefit from any decision from the EPA, and by labeling ethanol produced by both grain and possibly sweet sorghum an 'advanced biofuel', this could result in additional tax credits and grants for companies within this field.

Report Highlights

  • EPA pending approval of grain sorghum as alternative ethanol feedstock
  • Ethanol produced with grain sorghum to be granted 'advanced biofuel' status
  • Higher corn prices forcing producers to seek alternative feedstocks
  • Ethanol produced with sorghum has higher production efficiencies
  • Higher Oil prices, Middle East turmoil to increase ethanol demand

The full report, and access risks, disclosers, and potential outlook are available here.