An innovative, easier-to-use version of a popular anti-infective is now available for veterinarians and their cattle and swine producer clients. Zoetis introduces Excenel RTU EZ (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension with a lower viscosity formulation that improves syringe-ability by 40 percent.

“EXCENEL RTU has a 20-year history as an effective, fast-acting treatment, offering a short meat withdrawal for cattle and swine and zero milk withholding for dairy cattle. Still, we recognized there was an opportunity to further improve syringe-ability to help ease of use by veterinarians and producers,” said Matthew Helpern, marketing manager, swine injectable anti-infectives, Zoetis. “The new formulation was designed with our customers in mind. EXCENEL RTU EZ is now easier to get out of the bottle and into your animals when they need it.”

To improve ease of use, EXCENEL RTU EZ takes advantage of a lower viscosity formula. With the improved syringe-ability, users of EXCENEL RTU EZ will only need to apply 60 percent of the force required to administer the previous formulation. 1 Producers and veterinarians will especially notice the change during colder weather.

The improved Excenel RTU EZ offers the same approved uses for which the brand is known. Veterinarians, as well as their cattle and pork producer clients, can use EXCENEL RTU EZ as an effective solution for:

  • Treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), pneumonia, shipping fever
  • Control and treatment of swine respiratory disease (SRD)
  • Treatment of foot rot (all cattle)
  • Treatment of acute, postpartum metritis (dairy cattle only)

The only changes customers will note are in the meat withdrawal for cattle and the administration for swine. For swine, do not inject more than 5 mL of EXCENEL RTU EZ per injection site. For cattle, EXCENEL RTU EZ has a four-day meat withdrawal. The new withdrawal period is the same as NAXCEL (ceftiofur sodium) Sterile Powder and is still one of the shortest in its class.

Producers should work with their veterinarian to review protocols and make necessary adjustments in animal health management. Even with these changes, EXCENEL RTU EZ is still backed by the Residue Free Guarantee in both cattle and swine.

“We’re excited about the evolution of this important treatment solution, but we need producers and veterinarians to pay special attention to the meat withdrawal and injection restrictions,” said Matt Nelson, senior marketing manager, cattle anti-infectives, Zoetis. “These changes are not dramatic, but we’re asking our customers to update their existing animal health systems when incorporating EXCENEL RTU EZ into protocols.”

Learn more about EXCENEL RTU EZ by contacting your veterinarian or Zoetis representative or logging on to See full prescribing information for EXCENEL RTU EZ here.